Pacific Die Cut Industries


About the Role

I spent the first two years out of undergrad as a Project Engineer at Pacific Die Cut Industries (PDCI) – a contract manufacturer servicing the automotive and medical industry. I started supporting engineers on medical and automotive projects, and eventually became the lead engineer on medical projects.

As a Project Engineer at Pacific Die Cut Industries, I was the technical point of contact from the initial client request for quote until the client’s product was at full-scale production.

This first entailed costing out the project so the sales staff could present a quote. For larger clients, such as Stryker or Boston Scientific the focus was on developing an optimized manufacturing process based on requirements given. Conversely, with startups, I would co-develop the product with them (product drawings, material sourcing).

For projects that moved forward, I would work with the production and quality assurance staff on implementing the manufacturing process. Once the process was finalized and documented, my role on the project would come to a close as production staff took on project ownership.

Tools Used

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Process Overview

I’ve highlighted the process steps below. Customer names and details have been redacted.


The above illustrates a typical project during my time at PDCI. Below are non-confidential images showing examples of steps in that process.


Step 1 – Review customer drawings, provide design feedback, and cost out the project


Step 2 – Work with operators to implement manufacturing process


Step 3 – After determining quality and manufacturing capabilities from pilot runs, formalize manufacturing protocol and start full-scale production

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