CAD/CAM: Art to Part


How can we injection mold a toy based on a 4th grader’s sketch?


Injection Molding CNC Design for Manufacutirng/Assembly CAD Modeling

Project Overview:

           This project is currently in progress. I, along with 3 other students, are working designing and manufacturing a child’s toy from a 4th graders sketch. This initially entailed modeling the part. From there we created a CNC program via Nx to machine out the molds. We are currently machining out the molds to be injection molded. 

Personal Responsibilities:

            My main responsibility was a subassembly of the final part – this entails modeling the part and designing the corresponding mold taking account DFMA principles.




The project started with this beautiful sketch by Anna, Keyon and Mack – three 4th graders at a local elementary school.


Based on their drawing, we modeled the above cupcake. It has three distinct parts – the candle, the frosting & the base.

3D print

Before modeling the molds, we 3-D printed our part to visualize and verify it.


After verifying out CAD models CNC molds were created.


Finally the parts were injection molded

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